Thursday, August 30, 2012

Broken trust quotes

Broken trust quotes

Once trust is broken, I'm not sure you can ever really get it back. At least not like it was before the trust was broken. The only way to make any relationship that has broken trust work again is to establish a new trust based on a new commitment.

Trust applies to all relationships. Most people consider trust as a factor that exists only in a marriage or romantic relationship. But trust is a factor in all relationships (Parent/child, work, friends, family members etc). Each of these relationships relies on trust. Once that trust is broken, the relationship changes. The relationship pays a price.

Before you lie, steal, spread a rumor, cheat, talk behind someone's back or needlessly disappoint someone, think about the consequences of your actions. If your relationship with another has been violated, don't think you can repair it. You can't. You can only start over by building a new relationship with that person based on a new level of trust.

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